Here's a new one... would you try something that had been knows to make several people ill?  Or to have digestive issues?  I don't think I would, in fact, I know that I would not.

Starbucks is trying out a new drink.  It's not yet available in any Minnesota Starbucks, but it has been growing in availability, so it will eventually be available here.  What is it?

Starbucks coffee with olive oil added.  Eww.  That's my reply to that... ewww.  But many people have been trying it, and several have reportedly had some digestive issues after consuming the beverage.


Now, don't get me wrong, I do love a good Starbucks drink.  And yes, I will pay the $5 or whatever it is for the drink.  I just don't do it everyday.  But this one.... hard pass.


These European style drinks launched in Milan in February, then made their debut in the states in March.  Since then, they have been available in more and more Starbucks nationwide, and will continue to grow.


They include the Oleato caffe latte, made with its blonde espresso roast infused with extra virgin olive oil steamed with oat milk; the Oleato ice shaken espresso, with notes of hazelnut, espresso, oat milk and olive oil; and a cold brew variety made with extra virgin olive oil, milk foam and cold brew. 


There have been some mixed reviews on Reddit.  Many stating that they either felt a bit nauseous after consuming the drink, others just needing to use the restroom immediately, and there were also a couple people who said that they were delicious, and had no problems at all.  Maybe it depends on the person.  Like if you are someone who normally has some digestive issues you probably shouldn't try the drink.  If not- try it...see how it goes.  You go first.. I'll wait.


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