Been itching to get to a drive-in theatre?  This weekend, any of the drive-in theatres around the area are open.  One of which is the Starlite Drive-in in Litchfield.  This theatre has been around since I can remember, growing up in the area it was always a thing to drive by and see what was playing  Usually there was a movie that was very kid friendly, and then there was another one that was definitely for adults.

This weekend, the shows scheduled at the Starlite are Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 for the first show, and the second show is 65 starring Adam Driver.  These are both on screen one.  Screen 2 will show the Super Mario Brothers Movie for the first show and the second show will be Champions starring Woody Harrelson.

The Super Mario Brothers movie has been wildly popular already grossing over a billion dollars worldwide even after it was leaked on Twitter.

If you do go to the drive-in to catch one of these shows, Make sure you pick wisely, because you cannot change your screen.

We accept Cash, Checks or Credit at the Box-Office and Concession Stand
Your ticket allows you to watch only the double feature combination on the screen printed on your ticket.  Switching screens is prohibited by the studios and will be strictly enforced.

And there are a few other things that you will need to know before going to the drive-in.

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These are all on their website.  

What is the admission Price?

Adults 13 and Over $9.00.   Kids 5 – 12 $5.00.  Kids 4 and Under are FREE

How do I receive the sound? 

You can receive the sound by tuning your fm radio. Any car or portable fm radio should work fine here. Please bring a portable if you car radio does not work as we do not have any loaners
How do you decide what movies to play, and why are they combined as they are? 
In cooperation with our booking agency, we arrange double feature combinations we think will be the most popular with our customers. We try to make the combinations reasonably compatible Sometime we do not have control over what movies are played together and the order they are shown in

Hopefully you will be able to take in one or more of these shows in between the rain showers that are predicted for part of this weekend.

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