How about that?  How much are you going to be missing the state fair this year?  Well, if you think you will be going through some fair food withdrawals, this is for you.

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There is going to be a Food Parade running through the state fairgrounds.  This event will be happening next month, basically during the time that the regular fair would have been happening.

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The dates:

If you are freaked out by the idea of a parade, and how will this actually work, if it can be done with COVID guidelines, the answer is yes, it can.  Here is the plan- parade goers will be able to social distance themselves while staying in their cars.  Not only will there be the foods that you love from the fair like Sweet Martha's Cookies, Tom Thumb donuts, Mouth Trap Cheese curds (those are the really good ones from the Food building) and more!  But there will also be some entertainment and other activities involved. You can get a complete list of which foods are going to be included here.

Tickets will be sold to this parade starting on July 31st.  Some of the proceeds and non perishable food donations will go to Second Harvest Heartland. You can get all the facts you need right here.    

Some things to note if you are planning to participate in this food parade... bring a pen so you can fill out your orders.  Menus will be provided, but no pen sharing.  Also, vendors and employees will be wearing masks and the Health Department guidelines will be followed.

We are all trying to get back to some kind of normalcy.  This whole year is looking a bit different than any of us anticipated.  Trying to make the best of an otherwise pretty dismal situation.

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