Just before they left on an extended 10 day break, legislators at the capital decided they would meddle with a Minnesota tradition; The Fishing Opener. Sen. Tom Bakk, who represents the Arrowhead region has proposed what's been nicknamed the 'Mom's Amendment'. In effect if approved, it would move this year's Fishing Opener from May 12th to May 5th, or from Mother's Day Weekend to the weekend prior.

Bakk told MinnPost that he's making the amendment for several reasons;

The mild weather created a horrible winter for North Country resort owners. The combination of little snow and bad ice meant huge reductions in winter tourism. The mild winter also means ice is out on most lakes across the state, meaning anglers will be able to get their boats on to lakes that often would still have an ice covering in late April and early May. Additionally, the warm weather created an early walleye spawn on most lakes.

Rep. David Dill, DFL-Crane Lake, is expected to advocate the early-opener in the House.

But as usual, there seems to be a disconnect here- Did either of these guys ask us if we wanted it moved? So we thought we'd throw together a survey and see what you thought. Go ahead and vote below, and do us a favor and share this on your Facebook page so we can get a bigger response- It's easy, just click the little 'Like' icon below the survey! Or you can comment below and it will automatically show up on your FB feed/timeline.

SO: Do you want The MN Fishing Opener moved from May 12th (Mother's Day Weekend) to May 5th?

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