If you would like to get some actual peace and quiet and also get some awesome star gazing in, this is the AirBnB that you will want to rent.

It's called Klarhet's Laguz Dome.  Laguz is Old Norse for "Water, Sea and the deeper consciousness". In other words, it's a time to sit out, gaze up at the stars and maybe take some time to reflect.  This is really the best time of year for that. And these domes make it so easy to check out the stars without all of the city lights inhibiting that activity.  You can get a clear view of the sky as long as it's not cloudy  They call it "Dark Sky Viewing".

The description on the AirBnB website describes the domes as this:

 This dome is part of a series of four domes all consciously placed to provide a private, one-of-a-kind experience on the North Shore. This dome is a part of a large dream of ours... to cultivate beautiful, yet sustainable experiences for guests to enjoy. This space sits on an ever-evolving piece of land where long-held dreams are realized.

It sounds like the perfect getaway for a weekend - either by yourself, or with a couple other people. There is a bedroom located on the bottom floor of the dome, complete with a bathroom which includes a shower. There is a kitchenette, fireplace to keep everything cozy warm, and also a second bed up a ladder.  So, keep that in mind...ladder.

There is also a fire pit area and some little farm animals like goats and chickens around.

As far as cost, it is a little pricey at just under $400 a night.  I'm not sure if that is a seasonal price or not.

Check out some of the pictures here

The dome does have a bathroom too. Convenient!!

This is the main bedroom/dining room with a little fireplace.

attachment-Dome Bedroom 2

Doesn't this look cozy?

Dome kitchenette.

This is the second bed which is on the second lever accessed by a ladder.

attachment-Dome level 2 bedroom

The view of the dome... or imagine what your view would be as you wake up in the morning.

attachment-Dome Outside

Shower in the dome bathroom.  Basically everything you would need.

attachment-Dome shower

Imagine the view of the stars at night with this view from the dome.

attachment-Dome View of the sky

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