ST. CLOUD -- The ghosts, goblins, and princesses will be out in full force Tuesday night for Halloween.

But before your kids start trick-or-treating, it's important to follow a few safety guidelines.

Jodi Gertken is the Director of Wellness for the CentraCare Health Foundation and works with their BLEND program. She says parents, kids, and drivers should use good common sense when going out collecting candy.

"Make sure you have a flashlight so you can see the sidewalk, use the sidewalks and avoid walking in the streets. We want drivers to pay more attention and be aware of the surrounds and of course have fun."


Parents should also double check all the candy. She adds before letting your kids help themselves to their candy, you should come up with a plan ahead of time on how to portion it.

"It's always good to go through those things with your kids. Be active in their Halloween festivities. But look for those other options instead of just saying here is what you can have and put the rest away."


Another option would be to donate the candy to their 'Candy Buy Back' program. Candy can be dropped off between 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Wednesday at St. Cloud Toyota.

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