ST. CLOUD -- Are you prepared in the event of a disaster, man-made or otherwise? Stearns County Emergency Management wants you to know what to do.

With September as National Preparedness Month, Stearns County Emergency Management held an event at the St. Cloud Public Library Tuesday night. The event was built around educating the public on some basic emergency procedures.

Photo: Richard Leguil, WJON

Erin Hausauer is the Emergency Management Director for Stearns County. She says there are three main steps the county considers as part of emergency preparedness. The first is creating a plan for any emergency that may hit at home or outside of your home. The second is a kit for your vehicle. This kit would likely be used in the winter, if your car breaks down or for other disasters.

As for the third step, Hausauer says practice can help make perfect.

"Third step for us is to get involved. Practice your plan(s) at home, find a volunteer organization in the community, really just find a way you can continue to practice and be engaged."


She adds, if you're interested in learning some more tips on your own, FEMA has a lot of online resources for classes.

" is a great opportunity through FEMA and the preparedness program for people to learn about all kinds of different things they can do for preparedness. For kids for older adults, people with pets."


Hausauer says when you're putting together a kit or plan, you should think about every scenario possible. She says the most important part in executing a plan is communication and to always be ready to function without your phone in one of these events.

Also, keep lists of medications, emergency numbers and anything else that would help you and your family during an emergency. Lists are especially helpful if you have small children or older adults in your home.

Photo: Richard Leguil, WJON