ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- The Stearns History Museum is looking to return to the 80s and they want your help. The Museum will be celebrating 40 years in its current building, and to celebrate, the next big exhibit will be about the 80s.

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They lack some items in their collection to represent the decade and are asking people to help by donating their 80s clothing, posters, household items, records, and more. Eric Cheever with the Stearns History Museum says they want to celebrate everything not just pop culture:

"So we are going to celebrate all things 80. We're going to talk a bit about where we were as a community in the 1980s. We're going to be highlighting some of the pop culture, some more pressing issues like the farm crisis."

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They are asking for any old 80s memorabilia, other than toys, to be used as part of the exhibit. Cheever says they are looking only for donations because loaning items can get complicated:

"Loaning gets to be really complicated, so we'd prefer donations, definitely. If there's something absolutely amazing, we'd consider a loan but we try to avoid it for a number of reasons."

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He says they also plan to have a roller skating event and an 80s car show on May 30th. If you have anything you would like to donate, you can contact Eric Cheever or Michelle Skroch at 320-253-8424 or You have until the end of March to donate.


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