When it comes to progressive rock, there are a handful of giants that really changed the game. Among them Yes, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Rush, and Queensryche. Of course, it's pretty near impossible to talk about the progressive genre without mentioning the one and only - Genesis.



Yeah, they're best known for giving Phil Collins his start in the music industry, first as the band's drummer, and then as it's lead singer after Peter Gabriel left the group. They had some pretty memorable tunes over the years. Of course, Phil usually gets the credit for turning the band into a major success, but former guitar player Steve Hackett is just as responsible.

If you haven't seen him play before, do a YouTube search of him. He's a massively underrated player. Needless to say I'm thrilled that he's coming to Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis. The show will be on October 7th at 8 pm. You can get a ticket online now for about $80.

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