If you never got the chance to see Stevie Ray Vaughan in concert, well, you certainly missed something special.


He played his last show at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin in August 27th 1990. Also on the bill that day was Eric Clapton. As Clapton sat in the dressing room watching Stevie on a video screen was quoted as saying "I have to follow this guy?".  Some say Stevie put on an unbelievably great show that day.

As fate would have it, he took Clapton's seat on the helicopter, along with some members of Clapton's band. The helicopter crashed into a hillside and killed all on board. Stevie was taken from us at the young age of 35.

Seeing and hearing Stevie play was something I'll never forget. I had the opportunity to see him a couple of times and he never disappointed. He had a few problems for awhile with addiction but you couldn't tell by his playing. He was one one those musicians where it seemed the music just flowed through him.

So, happy birthday, Stevie, wherever you are.

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