I have got to be one of the most picky eaters I know.  The odd thing about that is that I don't like things that most people do like, such as pretzels.  Gross. I also don't like butter.. .unless completely melted, like on pancakes or use for dipping lobster or crab into.  With that being said, I like lobster and crab, but I really don't like any other seafood or lake food, like walleye.  YUCK!!!

Nanisimova, Thinkstock

Did a little research and as it turns out, I'm kind of a weirdo with HOW I eat food as well as what I'm eating. 

Here's how you can tell.... Do you twirl or cut up your spaghetti?  I cut it up....somewhat.  90% twirl.  So that's weird.


Do you eat ribs with your hands or use a knife and fork?  14% use a knife and fork.  Again, I'm weird.

Do you pour dressing on your salad, or dip it on the side?  8% are dippers... there I am again, weird.

So there ya have it..  Oh, and I like lima beans.  EVERYONE thinks that's weird.