I’ve been playing guitar for almost 12 years, so I know how much work and dedication goes into learning an instrument. There are times when you’re so frustrated trying to learn something that you’re ready to smash your instrument and call it quits.

But if you can keep your anger under control and refrain from busting your instrument of choice into a million pieces, the pay off when you finally succeed is pretty priceless. Personally, I wish I knew how to play other stringed instruments. I’ve always had a fascination with the cello and violin.

If you or someone you know happens to play an orchestral stringed instrument, you might want to check out the Mississippi String Music Camp at Technical High School (St. Cloud.) The course is offered to students grades 3 – 12 and the camp lasts from June 11th – 15th. It’s intended to help young players improve their musicianship. Admission to the course is only $90.

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