I don't even remember what our senior prank was when I graduated, but this one tops whatever we did and probably whatever you did, too. 

Senior pranks should be funny and harmless; and most are.

My principal was a complete dick and he threatened to pull our diplomas for even thinking of pulling a senior prank. He threatened to take away our diplomas if we tossed our caps at graduation. Like, who doesn't do that? What was he going to do? Storm the graduates and grab all of our diplomas? Pretty much everyone hated him and wanted him gone. Maybe that's the reason he didn't stay for long. It also could have been because he got a DUI, was arrested and went to jail. Or maybe it was because he foolishly wasted all of our referendum money and half the stuff the school board promised the tax payers didn't get done. But, I digress.

Some students at Santa Barbara Senior High School in California pulled a senior prank on their principal that had him wandering around befuddled all day long.

They hired a mariachi band to follow him around school for the day and they managed to catch it on video. Check it out:

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