If strip clubs are where you get your jollies, you'll have to confine yourself to 3 days a week. I drive by Sugar Daddys every Sunday on my way back from the lake. I've noticed lately that there are no cars in the parking lot when I go by. i took it upon myself to call to inquire about this.  Are they closed?  Did they move there start time to later than 5 PM?  Well, it seems that Sugar Daddys is now only open 3 days a week. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are now your only options besides, maybe, getting an actual girlfriend. I never did get into going to the strip club. It's like going to a restaurant and just getting to look at the food. Why would a guy torture himself that way?  I guess the 3 days a week schedule makes sense. Weekends have to be the money makers and the desperate that frequented the place Sunday through Wednesday will have to find their thrills elsewhere those days.