Road construction.  It's something that is definitely loud and proud right now in the St. Cloud area.  You can't get anywhere without some sort of road closure in St. Cloud and the surrounding area.  This year is the epitome of the old saying of "in Minnesota we have two seasons... winter and road construction".

Don't get me wrong... these roads REALLY needed to be fixed, they needed it last year.  But supply chain issues held up a lot of the work, and then we went through the winter and spring of potholes, and now things are being fixed.  This is a good thing.. but also super inconvenient.

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The route on Cooper Avenue has finally partially opened up..Now, you can drive on Cooper, but will need to use Traverse Road to access Roosevelt/2nd Street.  While this is definitely an improvement, there needs to be something done about the length of this particular stop light.  It's a full 3 minutes if not more during the early morning hours before it will change.

Granted, normally there isn't much traffic using this partiular intersection; but when this is the main access due to the road construction, the traffic definitely has an uptick.  It would be great if the light could be adjusted to accomodate this situation.  It would be optimal if a driver only had to wait up to a minute when making a left turn from Traverse Road onto Roosevelt. Just a thought.

Things can always go back to normal when the construction in that area has been completed.

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