So, it's one of those things where we cruise along in the winter and don't really think about it.  No one is seeing much of anything, so who cares??  Apparently there are habits that a lot of us have that increase the chance of having and not losing that stubborn belly fat.


.What I get from this is yes, some of this is food choice, but a lot of it seems to just be living a sedentary life.  We need to move a lot more than we do... stop using electronics so much while sitting, maybe use an app on your phone for fitness, tracking food intake and weight loss tracking.

It looks like Spring has finally sprung... albeit about a month late, but it looks promising now.  Let's take advantage of the coming warmer weather and get out there!!  We only get about 3 or 4 months of nice weather.  So, get off your butt and move!

Happy Spring!

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