This Sunday is National Coffee Day.  And guess what, there are some deals to be had.  One thing that seems to be odd to me is that there doesn't seem to be any deals at Starbucks.  Like they couldn't maybe do us a solid on National Coffee Day, right?  But there are some other places that will give you a deal.

Pavel Timofeyev/Thinkstock


If you can find a Krispy Kreme donut shop around, they will give you a free coffee and a donut.  If you are around any Circle K gas station/convenience stores, they have a free coffee if you use their app.  And a coffee shop called Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf will give you a free coffee if you order food.  If you see a White Castle around... no longer in St. Cloud... stop in there. They will give you a free coffee with any order.  And finally... if your name is Joe and Sunday is your birthday, you could win a Keurig.

I'm sure that there are more deals around the area... and actually if you just ask... saying that it is national coffee day, they will probably give you a free coffee with an order of food.  Go ahead and try it!  Couldn't hurt, right?

How do you take your coffee?  I personally feel that black coffee is swill.  And older Americans are more apt to drink black coffee than younger people... especially millennials. Oh- and fun fact... even though there seems to be a Starbucks on just about every corner, most people still just make coffee at home.



Happy National Coffee Day!  (Sunday).

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