The Sunset Strip Music festival is only five years old, and it is your standard three day festival that takes place in August. The Sunset Strip Music Festival is unique in a way that it's a homegrown non-profit festival that is assembled and produced by venue owners who have gotten together and created a partnership.

This year The Doors are being remembered for their music, as well as; how influential the impact they made on pop culture with their music. The Doors are synonymous with The Sunset Strip since that's where they got their start at a club named The London Fog, that eventually shut its doors, ( I believe it's now a coffee shop or something).

Eventually The Doors would start to perform at The Whiskey A Go-Go, where most bands that get the luxury of being able to play there end up smelling a record deal. The Doors were one of those bands, they would sign with Elektra Records in 1966.

The Doors formed in Venice, Calif., where they all lived and transformed into a music icon right on The Sunset Strip. The remaining members of the band Ray Manzerek, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore are honored by the news as they  witnessed a tribute to Motley Crue at the previous years festival.

It's a trip back to the 60's with dancing anywhere and everywhere, and all you embrace is Peace, Love and great music.

The Concert is August 16th - 18th where bands will perform songs of The Doors, such as Marylin Manson, Bad Religion and Offspring.

Just a heads up to look in the future for a holographic live performance of Jim Morrison (similar to the Tupac Project) and maybe Jim in 3D which would enable him to walk right to you stare you in eye and sing to your face.

How cool is that? It will be like a trip back in time. Oh yeah I'm there.

Enjoy the show.