We hear so much about how the education in Minnesota needs to be improved. There are so many financial issues, teachers being forced to purchase a lof of supplies on their own because the budget doesn't allow for the district to provide all of the things needed.  Or, the parents of the kids are having to purchase a lot more of the supplies needed for school, unlike in the past when most or all of the supplies needed were provided by the school.

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In order for some people to feel good about donating any sort of money, they also want something in return.  Obviously this doesn't pertain to everyone, but some people want some sort of perk, or experience in return for their donation to whatever cause they are donating to.  Maybe in this case it's just good that the proceeds go towards education needs across Minnesota??

Or - in this scenario you get to check out some awesome holiday trees at the Mall of America.  It's the Festival of Trees at MOA and it continues through January 3rd.

This is a free walk-through experience with decorated trees on display by various businesses + organizations. Guests have the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for $10 to have a chance win their favorite tree décor + giveaways. All funds raised support education for all across the state of Minnesota. Open now through January 3 on Level 3, Culinary on North!

So, if you decide to purchase a raffle ticket or tickets, then you will have to pay, otherwise, just enjoy the fun Festival of Trees walk- through.  And keep the Christmas holiday time of giving going at least through the 3rd of the year.

Also, bring the kids if going this weekend. There is a huge family NYE celebration at Nickelodeon Universe.  Check out the details here.

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