Loon Morning Rundown
Dumb things people have said to their doctors, the mispronunciation guides on YouTube, and SNL's new app.
Loon Morning Rundown: Gotta Have More Cowbell [AUDIO]
The St. Cloud man who became a victim of a dangerous swatting prank, new app in the works to help you keep a handle on kids behind the wheel. Plus, another round of Show & Tell and you won't believe what Jesse brought in... or maybe you will.
Morning Show Rundown
Mystery radio signals in space, GoDaddy's controversial Super Bowl ad, and Ghostbusters announces new cast members. Plus, what are you guilty of taking from restaurants?
Morning Show Rundown
Yesterday we learned that Numbnutz has NEVER had a Cadbury Egg, so today we sent him on a mission to find them. Plus, an early morning birthday call for Lucy's S.O.
Take Your Taste Buds On Tour With The Craft Beer App
There’s literally no reason in the world to drink bad beer anymore. Gone are the days when all you could find was watered-down swill made by megalithic corporations. The craft brewing tradition is back in America, and there are literally thousands of amazing beers out there waiting f…