Row Team Takes Off Clothes, Breaks World Record
An all-female group of British rowers proved that some things are just easier when you’re naked. The five adventurous ladies paddled their way across the Atlantic Ocean sans clothing in 45 days, breaking the previous world record (for speed, not the being nude part) in the process.
The Coors Light Twins — Still Got It?
Beer commercials became tolerable to football fans with short attention spans when ad men realized that guys like blonds in skimpy clothes with perky breasts. The day our screens gave us a shot of the gorgeous Klimaszewski sisters, the ‘Coors Light Twins,’ we built an altar to …
10 Hottest Daughters of U.S. Politicians
Chelsea Clinton is one of several daughters of U.S. Politicians who seem to get high approval ratings from guys. With that in mind, we decided to make a list of the 10 hottest daughters of U.S. politicians.
Rebecca Grant — Crush of the Day [PICTURES]
In real life, Rebecca Grant has appeared on ‘NFL Under the Helmet’ and ‘Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors.’ In the online world, Rebecca was the inspiration for the character Katarina in the video game Dungeon Siege III. Rebecca is our crush today for being a t…