Watch the Bat-Signal Light Up Los Angeles for Adam West
In the most fitting tribute imaginable, the Bat-Signal lit up the skies of Los Angeles last night, in honor of the late Adam West, the first Batman of television, and one of the most beloved versions of the iconic Dark Knight (or the “Bright Knight,” as West liked to describe his more …
Adam West, Star of TV's 'Batman,' Dies at 88
We’ve lost one of comic and TV culture’s most enduring favorites, as original Batman star Adam West has passed away. The smooth-voiced star became iconic for his portrayal of the ‘60s Caped Crusader, earning a place in the pop culture pantheon over the decades.
'Gotham' Season 3 Reveals First Mad Hatter Footage
FOX’s Gotham has more than a few monsters to contend with in its early Season 3 episodes, before eventually introducing Walking Dead star Benedict Samuel for its take on Batman villain The Mad Hatter. This version is nowhere near as colorful (or grating) as Johnny Depp’s, however, as m…

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