Baxter’s ‘Going Away’ Bash Tonight
After 13 years on 103.7 The Loon, Baxter is hangin' up the headphones, and you're invited to help send him off tonight from 5p-7p at the Boulder Tap House in St. Cloud. Grab a free Three Way Pale Ale from Third Street Brewhouse, and keep the mug while they last.
Tiger Gets Scared By Bird [VIDEO]
This is how Baxter occasionally reacts in my presence, but I take it as a complement. Any bird (me) that can scare a big bad tiger (Baxter) is cool in my book! Check it out!
Baxter’s Ugly Shirt
Alright here it is!
This is the shirt Baxter is wearing to work today. Half way through the show this morning I told him I didn't like it, he (of course) disagreed so I decided it would be a great idea to put a picture of it on the website to get your opinion...