Brett Favre

Rams Reportedly Offer Favre QB Job
With first string quarterback Sam Bradford out for the season with a torn ACL in his knee, the St. Louis Rams reached out to Brett Favre and offered the aging QB the job. Favre reportedly declined the offer, according to NFL insider Adam Schefter...
Brett Favre Talks Trash To Lions, Then Advice To AP
This was from ESPN's 'Year of the Quarterback' program. Original air date was 2/6/11.
Watch as Brett Favre talks trash to a Lion player... then compliments Adrian Peterson's athletic ability.
Love him or hate him, what a joy it was to have him in the league...
200 Cows Found Dead in Wisconsin
Birds die in Arkansas. Fish die in Maryland. Now 200 cows die at the same time in Wisconsin.
It may raise an alarm to most, as animals have a sense of danger that humans don't have.
MORE Trouble For Favre?
He's at it again!
Or is he? Check out the following article from Deadspin (WARNING: GRAPHIC). What do you think? Is there too much of a similar pattern going on here for it to be totally untrue or - given recent headlines - people looking for their piece ($$$) of the action...
Favre Ends Streak At 297
Brett Favre's starting quarterback streak has ended at 297 consecutive games. Why he didn't play may speak more about the Vikings' new coach than you'd suspect.
297 Consecutive Games: A Look Back
The streak has ended for the NFL's Ironman. Brett Favre's shoulder injury forced him to sit on the sidelines last night as the Giants trampled the Vikings, 21-3 in Detroit. But in honor of #4's 20 year career—and amazing games-started streak—here's a look at Brett…