Cell Phone

Five Myths About Charging Your Phone [VIDEO]
By now most of us (if not all of us) have a cell phone, it's pretty much a must have at this point in time.  Now it's not only about having a phone but having a smart phone - something that can basically take the place of your computer.  The only bad things is the more things a p…
This Is Why We Need To Hang Up And Pay Attention
When I had a motorcycle, I used to tell people that if I ever died on it, someone else's cell phone would be involved. Seriously, it's time to hang up and pay attention. Texting kills. Here's a video showing exactly what can happen -- even if you're only walking.
UPDATE: Cell Tower Service Restored
WAITE PARK — An update for you on the Sprint cell phone outage.  Waite Park Sprint Store Manager Jessica Ruprecht says the the problems have been fixed and service was restored at about 11:45 a.m. this (Tuesday) morning.
There was an outage affecting west St...