fargo tv show is a go
FX has officially announced production on a 10-episode limited-series adaptation of the classic Minnesota crime drama, to go before cameras in December of 2013. Joel and Ethan Coen will produce.
‘Fargo’ TV Series Coming to FX, Don’t Cha Know?
With every passing year on the TV landscape, it feels more and more like original ideas are becoming a rarity in favor of re-hashing existing properties. Yet, for every potential 'Fame' reboot we hear about, one actually sounds ripe for a re-imagining. We mean, if 'Fargo' were to come to TV as an ep…
‘Fargo’ Becoming a Television Series [VIDEO]
The classic Coen brothers film 'Fargo' from 1996 changed America's view of the upper mid-west dialect forever. And now another generation is going to be subject to the same derogatory mid-west humor when the new 'Fargo' TV series premieres on FX.
Charlie Sheen is About to Make the Big Bucks
Charlie Sheen's new sitcom 'Anger Management' debuted this summer with a ten episode season on the cable network FX. The show did better than expected, averaging 5.43 million viewers, so the network has picked it up for another 90 episodes!
“Lights Out” S1E2 [VIDEO]
New episode tonight on FX at 9p. I'll have a review in the next couple days.  Til then, check out this fake doc that FX did. It's actually pretty convincing.