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Led Zeppelin Does Letterman [VIDEO]
In what I describe as "interesting", Led Zeppelin talked to David Letterman last night on The Late Show. While it wasn't fantastical, it was interesting.
Led Zeppelin’s Catalog To Get Deluxe Re-Issue
If you're like me, you likely have Led Zeppelin's catalog on vinyl, CD, the first and second boxed set. You also own How the West was Won and Celebration Day on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray, but now Led Zeppelin's entire catalog is getting the deluxe treatment.
Celebration Day Coming in a Big Way
Led Zeppelin’s reunion show at the O2 in London is coming soon to a store near you, but the arrival of Celebration Day will be celebrated in a big way all over the world. Literally.
Remembering John Bonham
It was 31 years ago today that we lost one of the best drummers in the history of rock n' roll, if not the world. Here is a little bit about John Bonham's life, his music and one of my favorite drum based Led Zeppelin songs.

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