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Jimmy Fallon to Replace Jay Leno in 2014?
Even though it took place several years ago, we all remember the big late-night showdowns that saw Jay Leno stepping down from the throne of 'The Tonight Show,' only to develop his own series immediately before Conan O'Brien's hosting turn, which ultimately saw the whole thing implode and returned L…
Rumor has it NBC is working on getting rid of Jay Leno when his contract expires in 2014. This definitely isn't the first time the network has tried to oust the comedian, but I sure hope they follow through this time, because I'm a huge fan of his reported replacement.
Happy Birthday, Pee Wee!!
You know, ever since Pee Wee was arrested for his little unauthorized puppet show in Florida, we really haven't seen a lot of him (sorry). I happened to catch this last year on Leno's one good show, Yeah, I know, what luck! Anyway, here's Pee Wee at the world famous Sturgis Motorcy…
Mark Wahlberg Makes His Kids Watch His Tattoo Removal [VIDEO]
Mark Wahlberg is known for the tattoos he displayed on his shoulders and around his neck. But the actor feels like he has outgrown his ink, and had been getting his tattoos removed.
On "The Tonight Show," Wahlberg described the painful process as “like being burned with hot bacon grease.&q…