Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel Talks New Music, Tour and Genesis Reunion
It's been only 13 years since Peter Gabriel released an album of new material, so we probably have a little while to go before he's ready to emerge with his next batch of songs. In the meantime, he's busy on the road, in the studio and -- in a recent Rolling Stone interview -- answeri…
Peter Gabriel Releases Remixed Version of 'So' Outtake
Peter Gabriel's landmark album 'So' reached its 25 anniversary a couple of years ago, when fans were treated to a deluxe reissue. Among the bonus tracks on that release was a demo of a previously unreleased song called 'Courage.' But Gabriel isn't done with it yet: He r…
Peter Gabriel on '70s Punk: 'It Used to Piss Me Off'
The story of punk's ascendancy in the '70s often frames the music as a raw, working-class reaction to the bloated, overly self-serious rock of the day. But as Peter Gabriel reminded us during a recent interview, the truth wasn't always so cut and dried.

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