Do You Have Ur Powerball Tixs?
Multiple Minnesota Lottery outlets will be busy the next few days as everyone and their mother would love to win this Wednesday's Powerball, which is now up to $220 million dollars! From talking to many people in and out of the radio building, as well seeing peoples reaction onli…
Should MN Recruit Eric Decker?
The word is that Cold Spring native Eric Decker is parting ways with the NY Jets after three years with the team. ESPN reports that the team informed Decker that he would either be traded or released by the Jets this off-season.
Now from the games that I saw Decker play in, I thought…
The Fast and the Furious: Which of the 10 is the best? [VOTE]
The Fate of the Furious hit theaters this past Easter weekend - hitting new box office records (and blowing the Star Wars franchise out of the water) with an estimated $532.5 million world wide. The entire F&F series has been extremely successful - so which one is the best so far?

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