Pass It On: Marijuana Soda Pop
Everyday I have some 'desk work' to get done before I can go home and sit on the pot.
Also everyday, I (pretty much slam) a Pepsi, Coke or any other legal beverage.
BUT TODAY, I found a perfect alternative that would put the pot in my body thru my tummy, without the risk of cancer to my lung…
Montel Williams Busted With A Bowl In Milwaukee Airport
So I travel alot! Probably 4-5 times a year. A couple road trips in the summer and fly out when its cold. When in the car, I don't have any worry about my stuff (and thank God for GPS or I'd get lost along the way). But when flying, I ALWAYS CHECK MY STUFF...
Miley Is A Stoner! Miley Is A Stoner!
Four words Billy Ray never wanted to hear.
You've probably heard by now that TMZ is showing a video of Miley Cyrus getting tuned up on the legal too-hip-for-the-room 'incense' called SALVIA (No stoner, that's not saliva, it's SALVIA)...