Powerball Up To $510 Million
No ticket matched all the numbers in last night's $430 Million Powerball drawing (Yes... that means I still have a chance), so with that the jackpot grows to $510 million dollars for this Saturday.
Powerball Making History
If there's a time to give the lottery a try, it may be this weekend. Today marks a record with Powerball and Mega Millions that we've never seen before.
Do You Have Ur Powerball Tixs?
Multiple Minnesota Lottery outlets will be busy the next few days as everyone and their mother would love to win this Wednesday's Powerball, which is now up to $220 million dollars! From talking to many people in and out of the radio building, as well seeing peoples reaction onli…
MN Lottery $1 mill.
Hundreds of thousands of people are anxiously waiting for New Year's Day to see if they are a big lottery winner. The Minnesota State Lottery is holding its big raffle drawing again this year.

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