If you love these cookies, you will soon have more options on where to pick up your favorite cookie almost wherever your travel within the state.

Crumbl Cookies has announced that they will be opening 3 more locations within Minnesota during 2023.  Those locations will be in Mankato, Plymouth, and Minnetonka.

According to Bring Me the News, the Minnetonka location will be opening this Summer, with the other two, Mankato and Plymouth, slated to open closer to the Fall.

Crumbl Cookies only just opened a few years ago, in 2017, in Utah.  Since then, they have expanded across the country with a fleet of stores that is now up to 600 locations.  That is some serious expansion within a relatively short time period.

The flavors of cookies change every week.  There are a couple of standard cookies that are always available.  The original milk chocolate chip, and the pink sugar cookie.  The pink sugar cookie was taken off the menu for a short period of time, and was put back after an outcry from fans of that particular cookie.  Personally, I'm not a fan of that flavor, but so many of the other ones are great.  Sometimes there is a theme to the flavors of cookie, and it is usually centered around holidays.

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I have heard some people state that they don't like Crumbl Cookies.  My question is always "how many have your tried"?  The usual answer is one or two.  The thing is that they change their flavors every week.  Not everyone is going to be a hit.  You aren't going to like every one.  I usually stick to flavors that I like.  Like chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon flavored cookies, and others that I know I like. To each their own.  But try a few flavors before you make that decision to say that you dislike the whole franchise.

If you do decide to get a cookie, or several, I suggest sharing.  Those cookies are HUGE!  Plus, they do offer a cookie cutter.  The serving size is actually one fourth of each cookie.  So, you get an idea as to the size of the cookies.

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