History.  Whether it's good or bad.  It's still our nation's history.  Lately, statues that have been up for quite awhile all over the country have been a target of protests.  They have now been toppled, defaced and/or broken and removed.

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This is part of our nation's history.  You cannot change history, but you can definitely learn from it.  So, instead of taking these controversial statues down and just getting rid of them and acting like they never existed, I have another idea.

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So, do I think they should remain where they are standing?  Like in a park, or in a town's central location, or by a state capital?  No.  But should they be standing "somewhere"?  Yes.  Absolutely. And I think that place is in a museum.  That way the statue is there, and there can be some context as to why the statue was/is an issue.  What is significant about this person and what they represent.  How can we teach people who are little kids, or who haven't even been born yet, about what happened in our country years ago?  What is the reason these statues were/are a target?   What do they represent?  How can we learn to do better?  This is absolutely a "teaching" moment and something that we shouldn't forget about, but is something that we should all learn from and make sure that future generations also learn from and don't repeat the behavior.  As they say, those who choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it.  We don't want that... so let's do something productive with these pieces of history.

Like I said.. right or wrong (mostly wrong) this is our country's history and we should all learn from this.

Just my 2 cents.

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