The Twins home opener is happening this Thursday, and luckily, unlike last year, it looks like it will take place on time.  If you remember, last year had to be postponed because of the weather. This winter has been completely the opposite from last year.

It's not always just the game that people are excited to see.  It's many times all about the food.  And Target Field has some yummy additions to their lineup.

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There will always be your favorites like hot dogs and beer.  There will always be some sort of cheese curds, nachos, and regular hamburgers.  But, if you want to step it up a notch... or two, you can try some of these new additions.  And let's also be honest, some of these have also been introduced before, but when that happens, there is always some sort of twist added.

If you don't want a beer, you can choose from some of these delicious and refreshing looking drinks.  There is an Irish Mojito, Vanilla creamed whiskey, and a cherry smashed whiskey.  Got the theme?  Whiskey.

PHOTO: Tasha Redel
PHOTO: Tasha Redel

Donuts, donut holes and mini donuts are always a staple.  But - are they usuallly offered with your choice of Ghiradelli sauces?  That sounds amazing.  And what about that hot honey one that is shown in the picture too? Hmmm might have to think about, and then of course try it.  At least once.

attachment-Target Field donuts

Walleye Burger from Lord Fletchers on Lake Minnetonka. Because, why not?

attachment-target Field fish burger

I've been seeing this more and more.  Mac and Cheese with some sort of meat included.  I'm sure it's delicious, but I' not sure about BBQ sauce with cheese sauce.

attachment-Target Field Mac and Meat

It's a burger... with Red Cow sauce.  I'll be honest, not sure what that is, but defintiely willing to try.

attachment-Target Field Red Cow burger

A smashed baked potato with all the fixings?  I'm in.

attachment-target Field smashed potato

Burger fries??  Look at the description... I feel like I would have to share that one with someone.  And definitely not finger food.

attachment-Target Field smothered fries

This is a different take too.  This is a boat of tacos, and I'm always on board for tacos.  But this time there is a special dipping sauce.  Yummy?  Well, at least worth a try.

attachment-Target Field tacos with dipping sauce

You can check out all of the new foods here, and also where they are located within the stadium.  Probably skip breakfast and maybe lunch too.  Have fun and GO TWINS!!

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