If you're planning to try to pull off a St. Cloud creepy killer clown anytime this Halloween season, you won't be shopping at Target for a mask.

Target told ABC News "sensitivity to the issue at hand" was why they made this decision, referring to the incidents around the country at many universities and parks where creepy clowns ran down people while wielding a fake weapon.

They have pulled all clown masks from their shelves and also taken them off their website for online ordering.

Walmart however, has not followed suit as of yet. They boast a full line of clown masks and costumes, including "Creepo the Clown" that features a mask with razor-sharp teeth and a skull & crossbones suit.

Keep in mind if you decide to come anywhere near me or my family in a creepy clown suit, you'll have to have the mask surgically removed from a place where things are not normally inserted. I'm sure there's plenty of people in central Minnesota who would also do the same...