Tax Day!!!  The day of the year you completely dread if you owe, and the day you look forward to if you normally get a refund.  Normally Tax Day is on the 15th of April, this year it falls on the 17th because the 15th was on a weekend and the 16th is a holiday in Washington D.C. so the rest of us observe that as well.

Last minute tax day
William Thomas Cain, Getty Images

There are some perks whether you have to pay in or not.  Some businesses will give out some freebies just for Tax Day.  How about Taco John's being Taco Tuesday!  You actually could have gotten that a day early... but still... it's Taco Tuesday.  And hey- Applebee's has dollar margaritas!!  And you may have to go to the cities for this one, but go to Outback Steakhouse and say "Bloomin' Tuesday" that will score you a Bloomin' Onion.  Full list on all the things you can get for a deal here.  

The Martini

Have fun!  It's Tax Day!  Can you tell I'm trying to find the positives of this day?  Oh, and the odds of being audited are less than 1%.  So let's hope that doesn't happen to you...or me.  So.. here's to Tax Day 2018!


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