Recently I saw this article with Twin Cities Live personality Elizabeth Ries calling out a viewer for body shaming.

Elizabeth Ries via facebook/Instagram
Elizabeth Ries via facebook/Instagram

Here is the thing... one person related to how she looked and wanted to know where she bought her jeans.  Another person thought she needed to hit the gym and/or cover her butt.  As a female in the media... I feel her pain.  Being in radio does save me from some of that scrutiny.  But not all of it.

Even in radio, things are moving much more into the digital age including social media, video, and more personal appearances.  This opens the door to public opinion and scrutiny.  I'm not sure why people feel the need to comment publicly about personal things and think it's ok.  It's not.  What if I went around and took pictures of people and posted them and made a comment about whatever was going on with their curves, or the lack thereof just because this person was out in public.  It's not ok.

I commend Elizabeth Ries for putting these comments out there for people to see... basically calling out these people.  But it's gotta hurt.  I personally think she looks great.  Some people just have curves.  Doesn't matter the amount of work outs they do, some people will just be curvy. I'm not one of the curvy people, but there are other parts of my anatomy that people like to tell me are "big" or "huge" or whatever word comes to mind.  Not sure why they think it's ok to tell me that, and like I don't know...

So, next time you see someone commenting on this type of thing, or you feel the need to do it yourself, rethink that activity. No one is perfect.  And if you see some sort of "flaw" chances are, the person you are referring to is well aware and doesn't need you or anyone else bringing it to others attention. It's already there.  And you also have no idea what their journey has been.

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