The year of 2020. I keep saying it's like the year of nothing.  Nothing fun, anyway.  Basically everything has been cancelled or postponed.  I mean, really, nothing is happening this year. That is, except the coronavirus.  THAT'S definitely happening, but other than that... nothing.


The inclusion of nothing is graduation ceremonies.  And if you are a high school graduate class of 2020, it's been a pretty hard end to your high school year.  And if you consider when these people were born... it's been a rough go all the way around.  Many of them were born in 2001 or 2002.  And even if it was right before or right after, all were born around 9/11.  You'd think things wouldn't end in this way, with no pomp and circumstance, celebrations and such. People have been making do, and coming up with some creative ways to celebrate, but it's been weird.  Let's all admit that part... at the very least it's been strange.

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There is a family here in St. Cloud that really is a very talented musical family.  They, together, wrote a song about what's been happening all of these 19 years.

You can watch the video, that the Johnson family wrote the song and produced the video to basically use as a coping mechanism.  If you go to their youtube page, you will see the lyrics to the song and a message from the Johnson family.

According to KARE11 Phyllis Johnson had this to say:

The Johnson family only has one child, Winston (featured in the video), so they don't have another chance at going to one of their children's graduation ceremonies.  This is really disappointing, so this was a great outlet for them.  And it's dedicated to everyone that has been affected by things being cancelled, and the graduates of 2020, which started with 9/11 and ended with a global pandemic.

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