Some states are more pedestrian-friendly than others. The Governors Highway Safety Association just released a study ranking all 50 U.S. states by how likely you are to be roadkilled.

He's about to get even more...crabby...sorry... (Getty Images)

First, the most dangerous states to be hoofing it.

1) New Mexico (The Walter Whites of the world can't pay attention while driving)

2) Florida (Too much crazy sh*t happening)

3) Delaware (really? Nothing ever happens in Delaware!)

4) Nevada (too many hookers)

5) Louisiana (trying to dodge all the flooding)

6) South Carolina (too busy arguing about the confederate flag)

7) Arizona ( idea)

8) Alabama (roll tide...right over the pedestrians!)

9) Alaska (snowmobiling must count)

10) New Jersey (the residents are too distraught about being ignored by their governor)

Say GTL one more time. SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!!! (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


But what about the safest states for walkers?

Not walkers of The Walking Dead variety (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The safest states for foot-using people, in reverse order:

10) Wyoming (a rare good thing for this state)

9) Idaho (potatoes make people more alert?)

8) Vermont (drivers aren't distracted by billboards)

7) Kansas (great BBQ = great driving)

6) Wisconsin (there is no explaining this)

5) Ohio (drivers must get lots of practice not vehicularly un-aliving people on the Lincoln Highway)

4) Maine (something something lobsters)

3) Iowa (when your landscape is that boring, there are fewer distractions)

2) Nebraska (see: Iowa)

And the number one state for pedestrians not meeting vehicles in an unsafe manner?


And we probably won't run you over! (Thinkstock)

The GHSA based this study on number of pedestrians killed in 2014 compared to the total population. Yet ANOTHER great reason to live in Minnesota!