There is nothing more distressing as a parent than having a sick child, doubly so when that sick child has to be admitted to a hospital. Sadly that's what happened recently to one Blaine family, and in the process of having to deal with having their child in the hospital some toys that were bought for the child were delivered to their apartment and promptly stolen. Bah Humbug Mr. Grinch

A note regarding the stolen toys was left on the apartment buildings front door, and was shared to social media. The sarcastic note 'thanked' neighbors for being 'great' knowing that someone in the building more than likely took the toys, or a resident's guest made off with the freshly delivered toys.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM Screengrab
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM Screengrab

The note reads: "A package of toys for our sick son was stolen while we were with him in the hospital. Thanks for being great neighbors" Signed "Disappointed".

The dad who left the note Dak Martin shared with me that the stolen toys were "4 Hot Wheels monster trucks we’d ordered from Amazon. About $27 worth."

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The family, while caring for their hospitalized child, also had to miss several shifts at work, and has reached out to the community for help to cover their monthly bills, and to pay off the hospital visit.

Dak wrote, "The GoFundMe is to help us recover some lost wages from our son’s hospital visit and make sure we can cover our bills for this month, as we both work full-time and have had to miss several long shifts." A GoFundMe was set up in an effort to raise about $2,000 to assist with the missed work shifts and to cover monthly bills due to work being missed.


Whether or not you choose to donate to the GoFundMe is up to you, but here's a link to it, what got me upset was the stolen package of toys from their apartment building.

I know package theft is a thing, but there is no feeling worse than seeing your hard-earned money disappear along with the goods that were supposed to be delivered. And knowing that these toys were for a sick and hospitalized child, makes that feeling even worse.

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