Maybe it is the big contract, maybe it's the vanilla personality but for whatever reason Minnesota Vikings fans really did not warm up to Kirk Cousins the way you might expect when you consider the team success he has helped the team to and his impressive personal numbers.

'He chokes in big games... he can't win in prime time... he's afraid to take chances downfield...,' people seemed to have a lot of resentment toward the guy that is clearly the second-best (and maybe best) quarterback in franchise history.

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However, the sentiment surrounding Cousins has seen a seismic shift since he appeared in the Netflix series "Quarterback," in which he comes across as a great dude that is laser-focused on taking care of his family above everything else.

That sentiment led us to a hilarious Netflix commercial featuring some traitorous Packer fans who just cannot resist the charm of Kirk Cousins after watching the show.

In case you missed it, a Packers fan shows up to a house to watch the Green Bay game with his pals in a basement completely decked out in Packers stuff. When he gets into the house he sees all of his cheesehead pals wearing purple Kirk Cousins jerseys.

When he confronts them, they explain that Cousins is 'just SO nice!' "But, he's a Viking," the guy responds, to which his buddy says "But, he's such a NICE Viking!"

The Packer fans in the ad have a point, it got a LOT harder to hate on Kirk after seeing that series!

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