Oh boy, alcohol - the great equalizer. I’m no stranger to the fine art of liquor consumption. It’s one of the great American pastimes. Honestly, the St. Cloud area is a pretty solid place to grab a drink or ten. I’m quite fond of our local establishments.

There are a lot of talented mixologists here. That’s why I’m pretty excited to be a judge this evening at the 2019 Lucano Amaro Cocktail Competition. St. Cloud’s most talented bar tenders and mixologists will be competing tonight at The Olde Brick House. The other judges and myself will be rating the drinks in three categories:  presentation, originality, and taste.



There will also be samples available for the crowd. If you’re looking for a quality drink I highly encourage you to come out tonight and see what our local bar tenders have to offer. The 2019  Lucano Amaro Cocktail Competition will kick off at 6 pm. I hope to see you there!

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