I don’t think that there’s anything on Earth that has the power of live music. Some of the best experiences of my life have been spent watching live bands and artists. As a musician myself, it’s something that is very dear to my heart. Needless to say, as a music junkie, Minnesota is a wonderful place to live - especially in the summer time.

It's definitely the season for live music here in the land of 10,000 lakes.There are awesome concerts ALL THE TIME this time of year. Since there are so many going on, I'm going to help you narrow down which ones are actually worth checking out. Here is my list of “must see” music festivals in Minnesota (in no particular order.) Here we go.


1. Moondance Jam

2. Summer Lakes Jam

3. Twin Cities Summer Jam

4. Lake Front Music Fest

5. Bayfront Music Fest

6. Buck Concert Series

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