As a musician myself, I’m always interested in discovering and exploring different types of music. To be honest, I’m just not that into pop music though. It seems rather bland, predictable, and boring to me.

Every song is basically the same chord progression and the lyrical content is usually some variation of a love story (something that’s been over-used since the start of radio.) I prefer the likes of experimental groups, even if they aren’t as popular as Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.

Tool, Mastodon, and Porcupine Tree are some great examples of musical creativity at it’s finest. I respect any artist that takes a unique approach to writing and performing. Some of the most creative groups around, in my experience, are independent bands (meaning they either have the support of an indie label, or operate without a record label entirely.)

Look at it this way – if you’re trying to be famous and receive lots of airplay, you have to fit into a particular stylistic mold. If you’re independent, you can take any crazy approach you like to making music. One such group is the Daedalus Quartet. The four piece is a string ensemble that explorers the artistic relationship between music and literature.

I know that this day in age, we’re all used to hearing electronic instruments, but there’s a certain transcendental, numinous quality about classical instrumentation. If you’re like me and enjoy checking out groups like this, you’re in luck! Daedalus Quartet will be performing at the Atonement Lutheran Church in St. Cloud on April 7th. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are on sale now ranging from $5 - $25.

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