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The first two albums without Jim were anything but well received. The Doors had officially disbanded five years earlier decided to give it more more go with 'An American Prayer', released in November 1978.

'An American Prayer' LP, Wikipedia

The album is most definitely a collector's if you appreciate anything Jim Morrison did as a writer. 'An American Prayer' is just that, The Doors too Jim's original poetry and added instrumentation to it.

Fans as critics either loved it or hated the release but it did manage to get enough support to reach #58 on the album charts.

The album would reach Platinum status after selling over one million copies.

Original LP Track List:

  1. "Awake"
  2. "Ghost Song"
  3. "Dawn's Highway/ Newborn Awakening"
  4. "To Come of Age"
  5. "Angels and Sailors/ Stone Immaculate"
  6. "The Movie"
  7. "Curses, Innovations"

Side 2

  1. "American Night"
  2. "Roadhouse Blues (live)"
  3. "Lament"
  4. "The Hitchhiker"
  5. "An American Prayer"

- "The End"

-"Albinoni Adagio"

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Jim Morrison , "An American Prayer", great video as Jim voices the words:

Thought I'd add one the best keyboard solo's in video with Ray Manzarek, enjoy. R.I.P. Ray. Long live The Doors!