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It appears after the death of Jim Morrison, The Doors struggled heavily to get a decent reception on any post Morrison albums. 'Full Circle' was no exception. The album was released in August 1972.

'Full Circle' LP, Wikipedia

The three survivors thought they'd try one more time with 'Full Circle' but didn't fare nearly as well commercially as 'Other Voices', it only reached #68 on the album chart.

Their single "The Mosquito" which was the final single for the band and it just made it to #85 on the singles chart.

Original LP Track list:

  1. "Get Up and Dance"
  2. "4 Billion Souls"
  3. "Verdilac"
  4. "Hardwood Floor"
  5. "Good Rockin"

Side 2

  1. "The Mosquito"
  2. "The Piano Bird"
  3. "It Slipped My mind"
  4. "The Peking King and the New York Queen"

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The Doors performing, "The Mosquito":