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'L.A.Woman' was The Doors very last release before Jim's passing, in fact; it would prove to release two of the band's best known songs, "Riders On The Storm" and "Love Her Madly." The album was released in April 1971.

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'L.A. Woman' was The Doors sixth studio album, Jim died three months after it's release. It was the experimented 'Morrison Hotel' that blossomed 'L.A. Woman' into a more blues oriented sound.

'L.A.Woman' was the first album not produced by Raul Rothchild, yet produced by their engineer Bruce Botnik and the band members themselves. They recorded it in their own rehearsal studio as well versus the Sunset Sound Studio in Los Angeles like the past albums. Little known fact, Jim recorded his vocals in the bathroom which gave a more powerful type sound.

The album charted fairly well reached #9 on the album chart and the two singles, "Love Her Madly" and "Riders on the Storm" reached #11 and #14 respectively.

Actually the tour started before the album was even finished and The Doors never got past the second show due to Morrison's meltdown on stage and he refused to continue performing. This would be The Doors last concert performance before Jim Died.

Original LP Track list:

  1. "The Changeling"
  2. "Love her Madly"
  3. "Been Down So Long"
  4. "Cars Hiss By My Window"
  5. "L.A. Woman"

Side 2

  1. "L'America"
  2. "Hyancinth House"
  3. "Crawling King Snake"
  4. "The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)"
  5. "Riders on the Storm"

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The Doors performing, "Love her Madly" a great video and kind of a tribute to Jim, R.I.P. my brother: