Right off the bat The Doors had the magic with their debut album, 'The Doors', it was an immediate success, shot up to #2 in the U.S. and the sales speak for themselves at 12 million copies worldwide.

The Doors LP, Wikipedia

With the extensive airplay of "Light My Fire" and throw in the closing track of their controversial song, "The End" the two songs contributed to much of the album's success ("The End" had to be edited heavily due to Jim's repeated drop of the F-bomb).

Soon the song, "Break on Through ( To The Other Side)" would be released and again it had to be edited due the "High" reference in the song so it was removed, record execs feared it wouldn't get airplay, needless to say; it only made it to #126 on the singles charts so it was all for not.

Original LP Track list:

  1. "Break On Through (To The Other Side"
  2. "Soul Kitchen"
  3. "The Crystal Ship"
  4. "Twentieth Century Fox"
  5. "Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)"
  6. "Light My Fire"

Side 2

  1. "Back Door Man"
  2. I Looked at You"
  3. "End of the Night"
  4. "Take it as it Comes"
  5. "The End"

The album was released in January 1967.

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The Doors, performing "The End":