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Let's welcome the horns and strings and that's just what The Doors did on "The Soft Parade" which was released in July 1969. Unfortunately the album was not as successful as the first three albums because the sound was way different than what The Doors had established.

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Oddly enough with all that being said the album reached #6 on the album charts and the single released titled, "Touch Me" reached #3.

Jim and Robbie were the only one's on the album to receive songwriting credits, however; Robbie wrote over half the songs and shared lead vocals with Jim on the song, "Runnin' Blue".

Original LP Track List:

  1. "Tell All The People"
  2. "Touch Me"
  3. "Shaman's Blues"
  4. "Do It"
  5. "Easy Ride"

Side 2

  1. "Wild Child"
  2. "Runnin' Blue"
  3. "Wishful Sinful"
  4. "The Soft Parade"

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The Doors performing, "Touch Me":